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The river’s main channel and numerous tributaries offer more than  150 km of fishing areas, where graylings, brown trout, brook trout,  and whitefish await their catchers. A strong stock of brook trout,  which is the dominant species in some side creeks, adds a special  element to the fishing experience. Fly-fishing a stream for  the beautiful, hard-fighting brook trout is  a wonderful experience


The Secret Trout Pond is full of brook trout. We can even say that you have an excellent chance of catching these beautiful fish.

A special permit is required for fishing in the Trout Pond. This is available only from Eräkeskus. The fishing is catch-and-release.


THE MAIN CHANNEL OF KAIRIJOKI RIVER  is divided into four parts:

◼ Fly area

◼ Vasaköngäs

◼ Children’s area and

◼ Fly and lure area.


In addition to the main channel of Kairijoki, the fishing area  includes several smaller rivers and streams. The pine forests and open bogs form a diverse wilderness area. Movement is easy on the river shores. There are many paths from the nearest road to the shore, made by reindeer and other outdoor walkers. It is very common to see reindeer while walking along the shore.


The fishing area is huge and diverse; by hiking a little farther, you will find long stretches of river where there is little fishing pressure. Small side streams in particular offer places where you can walk undisturbed without encountering other hikers.


It is easy to go where you want in the Kairijoki fishing area, thanks to the road network and regularly maintained public campfire sites and lean-to shelters.


FISHING PERMITS are sold from Eräkeskus, where you can also hear the latest fishing news from the river. A limited number of permits are sold at Eräkeskus for the special fishing area, and you should make sure they are available when planning your trip. Kairijoki River and its side streams are part of the Korvatunturi recreational fishing area. 

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